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A quick cigarette, a glass of wine in the evening are two daily occurrences which could be doing untold damage to you skin.

These two vices destroy your skin and beauty regime faster than almost anything else. We certainly recommend that you kick the habit and we also give you some tips on how we can reverse the damage.


Smoking and drinking are injurious to your beauty and your health. Did you ever notice while looking in the mirror how your physical appearance gets altered? From “rosy lips” you move to dark lips eventually after the smoking effects start kicking in. The nicotine in cigarettes reduces iron absorption and cause the skin of the lips to lose it’s natural colour.


Smoking and drinking in excess causes hair loss. Alcohol affects the levels of oestrogen and zinc in the body, which consequently affect hair growth. Smoking causes hair loss in two ways – by polluting the bloody and restricting the circulation of nutrients in the body. Also, when chemicals like nicotine and carbon monoxide are inhaled, it is very harmful to the hair.


The mouth is badly affected by prolonged smoking. Alcohol can also erode the enamel on the outside of your teeth, leading to decay. Yellow teeth, gum disease, persistent bad breath and stains are some of the problems you’ll have to face. If this isn’t enough, did you know that smokers and drinkers are twice as likely to lose teeth as non-smokers?


When you consume more alcohol, it depletes essential nutrients and dehydrates the skin making it look dull and tired. The side-effects of alcohol dilates the facial blood vessels, and cause spidery thread veins.

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